How long for my mortgage loan?

Do you intend to take out a mortgage soon? Can not decide how long it will last? These few lines should help you to see more clearly! has more information

Mortgage loan: rate, amount… and duration!

Mortgage loan: rate, amount... and duration!

Each credit subscription requires you to look at a variety of variables. Although the rate obviously has a preponderant importance in this respect, the amount borrowed, but also and above all, the duration of the credit must first have been carefully considered.

In the context of a mortgage loan, these different data are even more crucial, the sums involved are generally much higher… If the amount subscribed depends on the size of your project and the cash you have available. and already, in terms of the rate, everyone wants to go for the lowest. There remains the variable of time. Crediloin helps you to set this deadline as accurately as possible.

Long and short term: advantages and disadvantages

Long and short term: advantages and disadvantages

One thing is certain: the longer the term of your mortgage is, the more you will pay interest. To avoid this additional cost, we would be tempted to think that it is more advantageous to opt for a mortgage loan whose duration is the shortest possible… Still, the more your mortgage extends over a short period, the more your monthly payments will be high. Devoting too much of your income to the repayment of these could handicap your future desires, even your lifestyle in its entirety.

There remains one variable to consider: that of the tax advantage. By taking out a mortgage, you can claim a tax reduction. This discount applies throughout the life of your mortgage. In other words, as soon as it ends, the same goes for your tax benefit. By choosing a short-term mortgage, you will benefit less from it.

Between interest, monthly payments and tax benefits, you will have to decide. To find the balance that best suits your situation, nothing like credit simulation ! Do not hesitate to share your projects with a financial institution qualified in this area or to perform one or the other simulation online. Try different formulas to find the one you need. Crediloin is here to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us!