Know the details and requirements of the loan


Details of the loans offered

What is special about the loans offered? Whether or not you ask that question, we will tell you with all the general details why loans are so different and attractive.

Amount of the loans

Loans are granted in the same way to the new customer that they have been trusting in the company for a while, and it is a maximum of € 5,000 , far superior to the competition, which is more in what is considered a microcredit .

Time to liquidate it

An advantage is that you have monthly installments to settle the loan. the terms are of 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

What does it mean? Asks you how much you want and how many months you can repay the loan . Requesting it does not imply that accepts it, in some cases it may send you a different proposal to your request.

Interests and commissions

Interests and commissions

This point is complicated. does not have public interest rates because, due to the flexibility of its operations , it is difficult for them to establish one. Each proposal that receives and sends will have the details of the interests that the applicant will pay, in a simple, clear and disaggregated manner.

Later we will tell you more details, for now you can have a general idea about the type of loan you can access.

Requirements and documents


We agree that the process and requirements that requires are much more lax than those of regular banking , but it will not renounce the security and guarantee that the loans go to people who claim to be who they are and who can liquidate them correctly. .

These are the requirements to access the loan:

  1. Be of age
  2. Legal resident in Spain at the time of application and during the loan period
  3. Identity document valid at the time of application, or proof of renewal
  4. Bank account in the name of the applicant
  5. Email and mobile phone in the name of the applicant

You may be asked for the following documents, digitized, either to send them by email or add them to your profile :

  1. Identity document on both sides
  2. Document proving the ownership of the bank account provided
  3. Proof of payroll, pension or unemployment benefit



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